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By Guest Blogger Giuseppe Colato

I have been losing sleep over what I watched and what I was going to write since the Ronda Rousey VS Holly Holm fight happened. Here’s why: It was a disgrace. This phantom super-hero earth-saving fight-prodigy that Dana White and Joe Rogan had hyped up beyond words looked like an abandoned sheep in the middle of a slaughter, and I am not saying any of that or the following, to be mean.

As many of you know, the UFC has been over-hyping Ronda Rousey to the point of comparing her to the greatest fighters in human history, and even claiming she was the greatest female fighter that has ever walked the earth (I guess they never went to history class, as Joan of Arc would have eaten Ronda Rousey for breakfast–period). So, surely she could blow through Holly Holm like she did Bethe Correia–right?

Let’s fast forward to the fight, and here are the key things during the fight that really happened: Bell rings, both Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm step towards each other, feeling each other out. Holly throws a straight left that stuns Ronda. Next key strike: Holly throws a left elbow in a combination that again–stuns Ronda while also splitting her lip. One single minute into the fight and Ronda looks like she was beat up.

Ronda gets very desperate: Ronda goes to her old-faithful, one-trick-pony signature move, the armbar–which Holly escapes from. Not sure how many people still thought Ronda was going to win at that point?

Holly continues to stun Ronda with too many strikes to remember, and then the faitful kick that sealed the deal and knocks Ronda Rousey out cold in 59 seconds of round two.

Between her face, split, swollen and bloody and the expression on her face, I knew she was broken and still half out (knocked out). Ronda was partially knocked out since the very first exchange of the fight, and she could never regain herself. She just got more and more desperate to get Holly on the ground (I guess she thought she could beat Holly on the ground), as the fight went on, but Holly won on the ground every time as she continued to beat Ronda up.

So, the fight went to 59 seconds into the second round when Ronda was knocked out. During the round and almost a minute, Ronda landed one punch that mattered, and it knocked out Hollys mouth-piece. Everything else missed or failed to one degree or another. Everything.

Most of the world publications and news networks will lead you to believe that Holly knocked Ronda out with a “head-kick.” It was IN FACT, a kick to her neck that also got a little of her jaw. But, please keep in mind it honestly was the first left punch that won the fight. Any strike by Holly could have ended the fight, it just happened to be the neck kick. A couple of more punches instead of that kick would have yielded the same knockout. Ronda was straight up delirious and swaying and stumbling all over the ring at that point. She looked like a drunk on hidden camera a few times. It was very painful to watch/witness. I was in tears, it was honestly that bad.

Where the Fight was Really won

During the weigh-ins, when Ronda and Holly stepped up to each other for the fighter promo picture shot, apparently Holly touched Ronda’s left cheek with her right hand. I feel 100% the fight was won right there, as Ronda now associated this world champion boxer with a right hook, which re-programmed everything Ronda went over during training leading up to the fight. She was looking for a right hook and a straight left literally stunned and scared her. To further push this point, upon walking towards the ring on her way to the fight, someone reached out from the crowd and also tapped Ronda on her left cheek, again programming her brain to expect a right when swung at. I do not think that they physically hurt Ronda, but mentally did. They should have been thrown out of the arena and banned for life for striking a fighter on their way into the ring for a championship title fight with a belt, and a potential undefeated record on the line.

Remember, it was a vicious left that got Ronda, whether it was the first punch or the last kick–it was a left…

Congratulations to the left handed Libra Holly Holm and her entire team–especially the new Judo-prodigy coach that helped Holly with her Judo defenses, which were very instrumental in Holly being “able” to knock Ronda out.

In closing, Ronda does better–for the most part, when her opponents are shorter than her. As their height gets taller, she struggles more (Miesha and Holly). Miesha Tate knocked Ronda a little loopy more than once, but was never able to capitalize on the situation. The same can be said for Bethe Correia, whos is shorter, but has a decent punch-she had one good punch that bothered Ronda, but Ronda happened to overwhelm Bethe and knocked her out before she could deliver any more hard punches to Ronda.

Ronda better never fight Chris “Cyborg” Justino. Cyborg will retire Ronda if she hits her, and you can take that to the bank.


Giuseppe ColatoGuest Blogger Giuseppe Colato is the President and CEO of Dirty South TV.


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